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New Technology to Help Solve America’s Waste Problem in 2022

Updated: Oct 24, 2023

Backhoe Dump Truck at Landfill Site

Today, humans generate well over 2 billion tons of garbage annually. This number continues to rapidly grow year after year. The many landfills that exist, however, fail to resolve the ongoing waste problem for a lot of reasons.

This problem needs to be resolved quickly because garbage is one of the largest sources of methane emissions in the country. Methane emissions are a primary contributor to climate change and are a severe problem for the environment. Landfills appear to be unsustainable in the long term, thus requiring the development of new technologies.

There are a lot of technology companies across the globe who are committed to tackling and resolving the trash problem in the world. Right now, they are continuously developing solutions to solve waste disposal issues through innovative recycling processes and protocols, and finding ways to stop the production of single-use plastics.

One such company is AMP Robotics. AMP Robotics, like so many other companies, is developing and building high performance equipment to handle waste management. This company, through computer simulation, has helped to improve the overall work and process of sorting various waste items for recycling. AMP Robotics has recently been recognized for more than 1 billion recyclable items that are processed in one year's time.

New Innovative Waste Management Technology to Help Solve the World Trash Problem

There are many innovative waste management technologies today that are designed to solve our ongoing struggle with garbage. Some of those technologies include:

1. Fleet Management Technology

This technology optimizes trash collection routes by way of GPS data and a network of sensors that helps drivers follow different routes allowing for less travel time and cutting back on emissions. Furthermore, it introduces the concept of electric garbage trucks, which are better for the environment overall.

2. Smart Waste Containers

These innovative bins are able to monitor trash levels and set off an alert when the bins are full. They are equipped to provide information on how people should dispose of certain items properly. Smart waste containers provide a management system for people to better optimize schedules for trash pickup by sending an alert to the trash companies that a pickup is required.

3. Robots for Collecting Trash

Today, much like the interest in driverless cars, there is an expressed interest in the waste management industry to implement trash collecting robots that can handle various aspects of the trash collecting process when drain cleaning in Staten Island.

4. Underground Pneumatic Tubes for Waste Collection

A system that uses vacuum suction for the removal of garbage in bins, pneumatic waste collection is becoming more and more popular. This is a system that could help painting contractors in Carmel, NY and speed up the waste collection process while minimizing greenhouse gasses.

5. Improved Landfills

Today, landfill operators are being encouraged and even forced to modernize dumping sites. One such enhancement is that of solar panels linked to geomembranes to produce energy for purposes of reducing the amount of carbon that is allowed to reenter the atmosphere and environment.

6. Improved Recycling Protocols

Waste management companies across the globe have improved upon the old process of simply dumping trash into a single bin. Today, consumers can sort out their trash by green waste, recyclable waste items, and home general waste items, all of which are dumped into separate waste bins. This contributes to a far more efficient and much quicker process for recycling for a door company or that of a flooring company in Carmel, NY.

7. Recycling of Plastics

To conquer the world's trash problem, many companies are developing recycling processes for plastics that include separating the items by color, contaminants, and odors. This waste management process, then allows transforming these plastics into clean resin.

8. AI Waste Management Technology

As indicated in the paragraphs above, AI waste management technology allows for the proper disposal of waste as well as enhanced recycling. It allows for a faster, more accurate and more efficient sorting process of waste items and contributes greatly to solutions for the world's garbage issue.

Solving Waste Disposal

Today, the primary objectives of advanced waste management technology applications include better impact on the environment, improved usage of resources, space, minimized costs, and efficiency.

This requires the development of innovative waste management technologies and processes that can help to enhance the entire recycling process for house painters in Brewster, NY in while effectively protecting the environment. New technologies are being developed every day that will continue to have a tremendous impact on our country’s waste management protocols.

Here at A.J.Novella, we take tremendous pride in doing our part to contribute to waste management and a cleaner, greener environment by providing our many Danbury residential and commercial property owners and those in the nearby towns with affordable dumpsters for their trash removal. Contact one of our team today to learn more about our high-quality waste management services.

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