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Danbury Trashers Take Over in Netflix Documentary

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

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“Untold: Crime & Penalties,” a Netflix documentary released by A.J. Galante, gives viewers an up-close look at the Danbury Trashers. The Danbury hockey team is showcased in the documentary for their many Danbury Ice Arena brawls from 2004-2006 and their involvement in the take down by the FBI of Jimmy Galante.

Galante was the owner of Automated Waste Disposal, a huge waste management company in Danbury who had direct links to the mob and to the infamous Genovese Crime family. Galante is the father of A.J. Galante, the Trashers’ team manager.

The documentary showcases the investigation and probe against Galante and features not only Galante, but his son A.J. Galante, former players for the Trashers, several fans, and the FBI agent who led what was billed as ‘Operation Pail Rider.’ On a separate note, the popular character, Tony Soprano, is said to have been inspired by the senior Galante.

Danbury Trashers Play a Role in Takedown of Jimmy Galante

The Danbury Trashers minor league hockey expansion team was purchased by James Galante. Owner Galante, appointed his son A.J., 17 years of age, as the President and the General Manager of the young hockey squad.

The young manager was shocked that his father had put such incredible responsibilities on him at such a young age, but recalls thinking that his father’s gesture was founded on A.J.’s love of hockey.

It was believed that Jimmy Galante purchased the Trashers team for his son, who not only loved the movie “The Mighty Ducks,” and the sport itself, but when playing in high school, was forced to give up the sport because of an injury.

In the documentary A.J said that though he believes there to be “some truth” to the story, he really believes that his dad wanted to bring something fun and worthwhile to the City of Danbury.

Who Is A.J. Galante?

The son of a Danbury trash magnate, Jimmy Galante, A.J. Galante was the President and General Manager of the Danbury Trashers hockey team. After being appointed at the young age of 17 by his father Jimmy, the owner of the team, he went on to choose Tommy ‘T-Bone’ Pomposello, his middle school hockey coach, to be his equipment manager.

Later, Tommy went on to be the only equipment manager suspended by the United Hockey League as was showcased in the documentary.

In the documentary, A.J. tells the viewers that he always favored the bad guy in movies, which earned the team the recognition of the "Bad Boys" of hockey.

The title is fitting since the team set the record for the most penalty minutes in a single season. Their team strategy was to accumulate wins by intimidating and harassing their opponents and, as a result, became known for their countless on-ice fights.

Not Only Pranks and Fights but Crimes as Well

The team was also known for its many pranks, many of which A.J. admitted he was quite ‘thankful’ they had not decided to do.

A couple of pranks he recalled, includes having the heat go off in the locker room of the opponents and another having the fire alarm sound in the middle of the night at the opposing team’s hotel. In addition to the many pranks, the team was well known for their repeated on-ice fights.

Brad Wingfield, a former player, shared with the audience in the documentary, "Untold: Crime & Penalties," that Jimmy Galante before a game, had called him and instructed him to drop his gloves the moment that the puck dropped so as to start a fight which ultimately was met with excitement and cheers from the fans.

In the documentary, referees are shown clearing away the blood.

The End of the Trashers

The FBI raided Galante’s transfer station in June of 2006. He was arrested along with a high-ranking member of the Genovese crime family and the former Mayor of Waterbury with charges specific to corrupt controlling of the waste management industry.

Galante’s arrest brought an abrupt end to the Trashers. The documentary reflects that Galante pleaded guilty to the charges and emphasized that A.J. should not be looked upon negatively in any way for his father’s corrupt actions.

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